So Wyoming isn't even close to its coldest just yet. When it's time, though, you'll be ready with these 5 great hot stews.


1.  “I often make a big batch of this stew. Leftovers come in handy around our busy house." Sandra Ramsey, Elk Mountain, Wyoming.

Ain’t it true big batch stuff gets better over a few days?

2.  "Wonderful stew recipe with crescent rolls laid on top in a pie formation. I used this recipe when I worked in Cody, Wyoming. If you do not own a cast-iron skillet, use a 9-inch casserole dish instead, and cook the filling in a saucepan. Makes a lovely presentation."

Mmmm crescent rolls!

3. has a whole “Gallery of Wyoming Stews”.

Thank us later.

4. is all in a stew here.

Sorry, that’s all that is in a Cowboy Beef Stew.

5.  “A sheepherder's fair is held every year in Powder River, Wyoming, and one of the events is a lamb/mutton stew cook-off…”

This recipe is an award winner.


Did you find which one also has the recipe for 'Cowboy Cookies'?