The first snowfall for Cheyenne usually arrives in October. Every three or four years it starts in September. That should also be familiar to those who lived any number of years in Denver.

The average first snowfall hits Cheyenne on Oct. 2, and that’s the best average on record. The earliest snow was on Sept. 11, 1989.

In Denver, it may be a surprise to know their average first snow isn’t until October 19, but that’s an average. It can definitely happen in September in The Mile High City too, and in fact, the earliest snow ever was well before Cheyenne’s earliest, on a Sept. 3, in 1961. Essentially their first snow can happen any day now also.

Cheyenne has an average temperature three to five degrees colder than Denver, according to the National Weather Service’s comparison site

One more random note: The 2017 Farmer’s Almanac puts Casper on their list of the five worst winter weather cities in America. Go figure.

Anyway, about the first snow, good luck if you're in an office pool.