It's always an awesome sight to see our local youth doing what they can to make the world a better place. Thus is the case with 7-year old Casper resident, Cutler James Hudson Shima.

Cutler's mother, Lea Shima posted a video to Facebook of the young boy imploring everyone, not just Wyoming residents, to make sure we are all putting our trash in the proper receptacles. Along with the video, Lea posted a message that read:

This is my 7 yo son, he has always huge on picking up trash when he sees it lying on the ground. Today after going to WS Wal-Mart he was so upset! Ranting the whole way home on how much trash was on the ground in the parking lot (I really wish I got that lecture on camera as it was actually really good and he did his best to pick up what he saw lol) when we got home he asked me if he could make a video (as you can tell he wants to be a you-tube star lol) he also asked if we can start a "trash pick up day" and if I would take him around town once a week to pick up garbage. This melted my heart and I support his cause and just thought id share 😁

Shortly after posting the video, Cutler and his mother ventured out in the 95° weather, on Monday (August 17th, 2020) at the west side Walmart parking lot area and picked up garbage. It didn't take them long to fill two trash bags, one of which that was as big as Cutler!

Props to Lea for being a good parent and taking him on this journey, as well as taking part with him. Sometimes the best parenting is leading by example. Also, major kudos to you, Cutler! Just seeing the local youth being passionate about the environment shows that there is still hope for our future.

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