There is a website known as that serves America with condoms and other safe-sex products. And they not-too-long-ago studied their database to find out with U.S. States are the most well-endowed. Here's the results...

The top 5 states with the largest average when it comes to a man's nether regions are:

#1) New Hampshire

#2) Oregon

#3) New York

#4) Indiana

#5 Arizona

And now, the states with the smallest average size man junk are:

#1) Wyoming

#2) Utah

#3) Montana

#4) Alaska

#5) West Virginia

It also is worth mentioning that the study found that 25% of men are smaller than five inches, 50% are between five and six inches, and 25% are longer than 6 inches.

On the flip side, the largest dudes are longer than 10 inches in length, while the smallest have got less than three inches in their pants.