People all 'round, you've got to... FaceTime Aaron Carter? According to the 26-year-old 'Aaron's Party (Come Get It)' singer, he gives out his number on Twitter and FaceTimes his fans.

“If you’re paying attention to my Twitter and my social media (accounts), and if you’re a really involved fan in my career, you’re going to see stuff like that,” he recently explained to ANDPOP about how fans get his phone number, revealing that he'll tweet-and-delete it out to his 422,000 followers.

While talking to fans one-on-one offers an amazing personal connection to the singer, sometimes it can blow up in his face.

"There are crazy people out there and they call me. But if I see them, I’m like, ‘Gotta go! Sorry! Bye!’” he joked. “They can be all upset if they want but I mean if you call and be awkward, I’m going to be awkward right back at you.”

And speaking of awkward, Carter seems like he is trying to step away from trying to win back Hilary Duff via social media.

“I mean it doesn’t really need to be talked about anymore,” he said of his public attempts to woo his ex. “She’s hot. And that’s it. It’s something that makes me who I am. I mean she was my girlfriend when I was a little kid. And I felt like I wanted to have a chance to redeem myself.”

But for now, Carter is focusing on his upcoming album and revealed some details about the new record.

“[The record] will just be top 40-type music," he explained. Like what you hear on Billboard and on the radio."

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