The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will be interviewing a person of interest today who may have been involved in dumping a late 1960s-era boat in the North Platte River.

"After K2 Radio had posted it on their website, we received a phone call within a half an hour from the person who actually gave the boat away after he had acquired it from Casper Man Cave," said Brian Olsen, Casper regional wildlife supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Casper Man Cave is a social media site for buying and selling.

"Hopefully we'll be able to find the owner real soon," Olsen said.

"We'll go visit with him after we talk to the city to find out what kind of violations have occurred and things like that," he said.

The green and white boat -- an inboard-outboard Glasspar Seafair Sedan -- was discovered Wednesday, and it was moored to a pillar on the bridge near the Parkway Plaza, Olsen said.

Dumping boats in waterways is against the law because it's littering, he said. Wyoming Game and Fish has the responsibility to enforce U.S. Coast Guard rules about watercraft on the state's waterways.

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality also is interested because the boat could be leaking gas and oil into the river system, Olsen said.

Most abandoned boats sink when they're dumped in the water, he said earlier today. "This is the first one that I've been involved with in Casper that we're going to attempt to retrieve."

Tom Morton, Townsquare Media

There appears to be no foul play involved.