Adam Lambert is so open and articulate that he can't help but give great interviews -- but whoops, it looks like he revealed a little too much in an interview today (Nov. 7)!

The singer hit the 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' studios to dish a little on his appearance on tonight's 'Glee.' Problem is, he didn't dish a little, he dished a lot, accidentally spoiling some plot points for listeners.

You've been warned, readers, hit play on the video above at your own peril!

Tonight's episode is called 'A Katy or A Gaga' and features tracks from supposed rivals Katy Perry and Lady Gaga -- both of whom are friends with Adam.

"It's a really cool episode because there's this supposed rivalry, which I guess doesn't exist [between the two of them]," Adam reveals. "The truth is, a little healthy competition isn't going to hurt anyone. If you're in the Top 10 in the charts, you've made it."

During the interview, Lambert also discussed his recent collaborations with Swedish DJ Avicii and classic-rock legends Queen. Oh, and we also find out he's crazy good at Truth Pong!

Watch Adam Lambert talk Avicii and Queen with Ryan Seacrest

Watch Adam Lambert play Truth Pong

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