Adam Lambert was honored with the Davidson / Valenti Award at the GLAAD Media Awards this weekend (May 11). The accolade celebrates a member of the LGBT community who has made a critical and visible difference in helping to promote equal rights. Lambert delivered a lively and brilliant acceptance speech, one that was incredibly self-referential, but in the right way. It was an acceptance speech with a theme of acceptance -- how "meta" of him.

But in all seriousness, Glambert implored the media to encourage a message of acceptance and to adopt a mode of open-mindedness when it comes to this community.

After receiving his award from the Spice Girls' Mel B (aka Scary Spice) in San Francisco, the singer joked about how he "almost" won 'American Idol,' only to became a public figure, and an openly gay one at that. Such status comes with both responsibility and loads of opinion, from fans, family, record label personnel and political communities. He then sang the hook of his big hit, half-singing, half-asking "What do you want from me?," to emphasize how it's difficult to maintain an objective media profile when you're gay, since there are so many factions of people out there scrutinizing your every move. Still, he soldiers on, thanks to the work of Stonewall generation.

He also pointed out that there will always be challenges when it comes to acceptance, but kids are having the courage and ability to come out earlier in their lives, which is a big deal since that means there is more acceptance now than ever. He sees things as having gotten better.

Glambert emphasized that all people must spread a message of acceptance. Amen to that!

Lambert and Frank Ocean (the latter came out as bisexual on his Tumblr last year), tied in the Outstanding Musical Artist category.