Vocalist supreme Adam Lambert has a whole lot going for him besides a spectacular set of pipes. Based on a then-and-now picture he uploaded to Instagram, he also never looks older.

It's like being fabulous has anti-aging properties or something.

The photo itself features a side-by-side comparison of the Glam one in his 20s, when he obviously sold his soul to the Glam Devil for eternal youth.

The snap was captioned with the missive, "9 years ago! Woah. (That's some bad yellow bleach)."

While fans don't seem to agree with his hair-related opinions, they do agree that Lambert, 31, now has a certain twinkle in his eye that he didn't have before. (See? Soul-selling shenanigans!)

We just wish we could've been there to see him dance with the Glam Devil in the pale moonlight.