We can have the debate all you want about whether aliens have, or are now, visiting this planet.

All I can tell you is that Ken Chrissley has found where they park their vehicles, and it is near Cody Wyoming. It must be true. Ken posted it on Facebook. --- Facebook doesn't lie.

"I found out where the Aliens are parking their Space Craft." writes Ken. Can't make this up! Pictures are worth a thousand words. P.S. WE still hang horse thieves in WY. !"

Actual Photo By Ken Chrissley 1

It would make sense that these aliens would land out in the middle of nowhere, near some trailer. Have you been watching the news and seen all of what is going on in the cities? I'd avoid them too, especially after traveling half way across the galaxy.

Actual Photo By Ken Chrissley 2

I have to admit - this parked space craft looks like it has just finished a long journey. That would be solid evidence, as far as I'm concerned.

We could take these photos and show them to those doubters who don't believe us when we tell them we are being visited out here in Wyoming, but they are too busy burning down their cities to listen. So, maybe later.

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