Aloe Blacc has really burst onto the music as of the last few years. Having released his debut solo album back in 2003 and being in the group Emanon back in 1995. It wasn't until he co-wrote and performed on Avcii's 'Wake Me Up' that he came to prominence. Now with his single 'The Man', he's burning up the charts on his own.

That being said, his performance over the weekend and the NBA All-star Pregame show is a very good reason why some artists should keep it in the studio... or lip-sync. I don't know if he missed sound check or if the acoustics were just that bad on stage. Whatever the reason, he sounded horrible at this event and no mater how much he pained my ears, I just couldn't turn away.

Watch the performance and his official lyric musical video and see if you notice the difference.