Over 3700 people made their way through the doors of the Casper Events Center this past Saturday, making this years event the biggest in it's 22 year history.

It all started Friday night with a calcutta that brought in over $131,000 with half of that going to the recipient charities and the other half going to pay out over $13,000 for the first place red and green chilis. Obviously there was a lot on the line.

The action got started early Saturday with 46 teams getting their chili’s cooking as early as 5AM. The first samples were gathered for the judges tasting at 10:30am and then the doors were flung open for a large crowd starting at 11. As the crowd filled the events center floor, the judges were busy putting their palettes to the test and working their way thru 22 red chili’s and 24 green chili’s.

Shortly before 2pm the judges notes were presented and ready to be announced. And the winners were,

With a circus theme it was a festive atmosphere and the teams really got in to the decoration of their booths.

Best Of Show, for decorations,

1st Place; Industrial Screen and Maintenance
2nd Place; Double D Welding and Fabrication
3rd Place; Greiner Motor

Best Red Chili

1st Place; Budweiser
2nd Place; Compression Leasing
3rd Place; Casper Winco
4th Place; Hunting Energy

Best Green Chili

1st Place; Wenzel Downhole
2nd Place; Donna Martensen
3rd Place; Well Control
4th Place; Pioneer Wireline

The Peoples Choice Award, voted on by the crowd, was SM Energy.

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