Aurora, Colorado Shooting

Thomas Cooper, Getty Images

This morning the United States woke up to the devastating news of a shooting at a midnight screening of the greatly anticipated 'The Dark Knight Rises,' in Aurora, Colo. Stars like Hot Chelle Rae, Janelle Monae and Haley Williams of Paramore took to Twitter to share their grief and disbelief of the event.

According to ScreenCrush, at least 12 people have been killed and more than 50 have been injured. The alleged gunman, James Holmes, threw tear gas into the crowd and then opened fire with a rifle and a handgun. The most recent reports say that the victims ranged from 6 to 31 years of age. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the community of Aurora.


Thinking about the families who were affected by this horrible incident in Colorado. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Thank you so much to everyone that came out today. Unbelievable turn out. We would have met you all, but they made us stop due… To weather and safety… I am floored …. All our thoughts and prayers are with the families that fell victim to the inhumane acts of…. This mornings shooting…. Won’t be thinking of anything else.


In shock reading about what happened at the theater in Aurora, CO… Could have been any of us. My heart is heavy for everyone affected.


My heart goes out to all the victims in Colorado. This is just insane. “@AP: Police chief says 14 dead in Colorado theater shooting..-BW”


Guns are not it. Prayers for the people affected by the craziness in Colorado. : (


Devastated by the Colorado movie theatre killings. My heart hurts.


God help the families of the victims in the Colorado mass shooting this morning. So tired of evil like this existing in the world


Waking up and then hearing what happened in Colorado made my mood take an instant turn. Some people are just evil. 12 dead. So heartbreaking


my thoughts and prayers r w/ those who lost their lives in the Colorado tragedy and their loved ones que Dios los bendiga


Such a horrific tragedy. My thoughts are with all those affected…absolutely devastating.


My heart breaks for the victims, friends, and family members in Aurora, Colorado. What an unbelievable and disgusting tragedy. Just awful.


Just read about theshooting in Denver. Breaks my heart to see that happen. My prayers are out to the family&friends. We need PEACE everyone!


I am so overwhelmed by the horrific events in Colorado. So sad for the victims and their families. Sending love and prayers. #aurora


Just heard about the Colorado shooting…Wow,absolutely devastating. My heart goes out 2 the families that lost their loved 1's. #StayStrong


Praying for the victims and families of those involved in the shooting in Colorado. My heart is broken. So awful. God Bless…


Prayers for the people of Aurora, CO during this extremely difficult time. People everywhere show your loved ones LOVE everyday!