America's most popular satirical newspaper The Onion just recently released another eyebrow raising story.  The Onion reported that recently single singer Taylor Swift in now dating mass murder suspect James Holmes.  Is this inappropriate?

Contributors for The Onion are no strangers to controversial headlines and stories.  In this most recent story Taylor Swift is reported to be dating James Holmes.  Taylor Swift is a country/pop singer who is recently single.  Swift's split with One Direction vocalist Harry Styles has been a hot topic in celebrity gossip in the last few days.  James Holmes is known for the horrific killings at an Aurora, CO movie theater in July 2012.  Plenty of jokes and speculations have been made at Swift's expense regarding her love life in the past few days.  However; this story seems to be the most controversial stab at Swift.

Although The Onion is for entertainment purposes and not to be taken literally, is this going to far?  Is this headline inappropriate?