An Aurora, Colo. high school teacher is in a bit of hot water after some racy Twitter updates that include drug related comments and partially nude photos. Where were these teachers when we were in high school?

According to Fox 31 in Denver the Cherry Creek School district teacher who is a first year math teach at Overland High School in Aurora may be associated with the Twitter account CarlyCrunkBear, which has been deleted since it was discovered on Monday.

CarlyCrunkBear's classy profile description read:  “Stay high. Stay drunk…Mile High City.” CarlyCrunkBear posted several photos showing a woman sipping on a possible adult beverage and toking on what could be a joint. And let's not forget that there were several topless photos posted to the account also.

Here's where CarlyCrunkBear didn't use her head, the account posted that she was high and grading papers AND had the ganj on school property!

School officials are meeting with the teacher in question to see if she should return to her classroom while they investigate the case.

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