Azealia Banks starts the new year on an energetic note with her new single, 'BBD,' which stands for "Bad B----es Doit." The song is not from her upcoming album, 'Broke With Expensive Taste,' but it's a preview of things to come from the Harlem rapper.

Produced by Apple Juice Kid and Sup Doodle, the music is hectic, bass heavy and tailor-made for the kids who like to rave in the clubs. It’s a little harder than Banks' previous efforts, which tend to be sassy and cheeky.

On the song, Banks spits women empowerment rhymes and references '90s rap group Bell Biv DeVoe in the process. "I be wilding wit my b----es / I be stylin' with my b----es / Pretty eyes and long extensions -- they smilin' in all them pictures / I be rising with my b----es / Riding with my b----es / We the finest of them b----es / We diamonds -- it’s diamond district!" she raps.

Yep, Ms. Banks is poison to the haters when it comes to spitting her hardcore lyrics. Azealia Banks' album 'Broke with Expensive Taste' is due to arrive on shelves Feb. 12.

Listen to Azealia Banks, 'BBD'