Who knew people working at a pathology lab had such mad talent?! It proves just because you don a shirt and tie every day for work that you don't have to be a working stiff!

This original cover of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Thrift Shop was recorded by the University of Florida's pathology lab.

Apparently, the suits higher up than the ones depicted here in the University of Florida food chain, seated in their ivory tower of no fun at all, aren't too pleased about the unauthorized video. It's been called a public relations headache.

I mean, seriously, it's wrong to have a sense of humor if your at such a bastion of higher learning, right? Damn, that's a GOOD hematologist! Seriously, they are good at what they do or they wouldn't get $3.7 million grants!

When stuff is that heavy, you've gotta let your hair down and blow some steam every once in a while!