Every animal in need of being rescued has a story, but there are two dogs in California with a tale that’s more unusual than most.

The STAND Foundation is an organization in Sherman Oaks, California looking for someone to adopt two pooches – one of whom happens to be a seeing-eye dog for the other .

A Chihuahua-terrier mix named Isabella is the guide dog for Isaac, a husky who is blind. And more than that, the two, who were found together on the street, are best pals.

One official said, “They’re the dynamic duo. They’re a bonded pair. They’re inseparable. They want to stay close together all the time.”

It seems the pair is very close. Isabella often howls when Isaac walks away and her tail starts moving a mile a minute when he returns.

Interest in the pups has been high, with so many people intrigued by the touching story.