And so, it has all come down to this.  Gyp Rosetti rules 'Boardwalk Empire's Atlantic City, while Nucky Thompson hides in the shadows and looks for his moment to strike back and reclaim his empire.  This Sunday's 'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 finale "Margate Sands" will lay it all on the line as Nucky joins forces with some surprising allies to take back Atlantic City, but who will pay the price along the way?  Will the blood flow as much as the booze?  Check out the latest clips from "Margate Sands" for a taste of what's to come from the finale!

While Nucky Thompson finally has his army to take back Atlantic City from the clutches of the hot-tempered Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Canavale), last week's "Two Imposters" showed us it won't be an easy road.  Plenty of players will look to cash in on either side's defeat as well, as the latest clips from season finale "Margate Sands" highlight.

One thing Gyp Rosetti certainly isn't counting on is Nucky's affiliation with Andrew W. Mellon (James Cromwell), and control over the vast distillery that comes with it, but will the others use it to their advantage?  Who's side is Mickey Doyle really on, as he places an ominous call to Arnold Rothstein?  And what will Gillian Darmody do now that Gyp has firmly taken residence in her estate, with little intent to let her leave?

No doubt the blood, bullets and booze will fly, so check out the latest clips from "Margate Sands," and tune in for the 'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 finale this Sunday on HBO!

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