While out on Glendo Reservoir over the weekend I witnessed one of the bravest boat rescues I've seen in Wyoming!

During the middle of the day on Sunday, August 14th (2016), I took my boat up the canyon at Glendo just bout as far as I could go without ruining my prop of my outboard motor.  On the way to the canyon I noticed and had commented on a nice looking 35+ foot cabin cruiser that was anchored near the mouth of the canyon.  I commented how that looked like a fun place and a great way to spend a weekend on the lake.

Strong winds had come up quickly and the anchor on the large boat didn't hold on the sand flat where it had anchored and it had washed ashore in just a matter of minutes.

After making our way back out of the canyon, that same cabin cruiser was now pushed up on a rock bar that was exposed and was in very serious trouble.  But fortunately several folks were near by and willing to lend a hand in rescuing the distressed boat.

There was a 17 foot ski boat that was already there and was trying to help pull the huge pleasure boat out of the mud.  As I crept in to see if I cold help, the sallow level of the lake only allowed me to get within 30 yards or so and kept from getting any closer.  I had honestly thought that this huge boat would be stuck there in the mud until next April when the water levels were raised again in the spring.

I was watching in disbelief as the small ski boat hooked up to the front of the cabin cruiser and started pulling best it could.  The water boiled like chocolate milk as sand and silt was churned up off the sand flat.  Two men got out and tried pushing the big boat and lifting best they could to try and help get the boat un-stuck.

To my surprise the big boat started to move and before long was being towed back out to deeper water.  I grabbed my camera and started to record some video of this miraculous save!

Kudos to the guys in a smaller ski boat for having the stones to try pulling a huge heavy boat away from and out of danger!  Indeed a lucky day and valuable lesson for a very appreciative boat owner!