The Casper area (Mills to be exact) has a new restaurant! Family In & Out is now open and serving both breakfast and lunch.

Whenever new food makes its way to humble side of America, I feel it's my civic duty to taste-test. I'm happy to say I was not disappointed! Their portions are the things of legend, which is to say, not leaving me needing more. Their burgers are cooked fresh when you order and if you get it to go, they separate your "fixings" from burger to make sure they stay fresh.

I was also a fan of the portions when it comes to their sides, like fries and onion rings. Too many places are becoming more stingy with the sides. Six onion rings... really?! That would barely satisfy my 4 year-old! A big thumbs up for bringing back human-sized portions

Family In & Out has very good prices, especially for the quality and amount of food you get. I would suggest anyone check them out. Your taste buds will thank you!