It's been an odd week for Britney Spears and her upcoming tour - first, it's announced that Enrique Iglesias is set to open.  Then, last minute - Enrique announces that he's out.  Word is, serious talks are underway between Brit's camp and Nicki Minaj, who is currently on tour with Lil' Wayne.  Read more, and get some new insight as to why Enrique reportedly bailed after the jump:

TMZ is reporting that lawyers for Britney and Nicki are hammering out an agreement fast and furious, and that it's expected a deal might be reached in the next day or two.   Makes sense, Nicki is on fire right now, and the Lil' Wayne tour she's currently on wraps up about a month and a half before Britney's is scheduled to begin.

In other TMZ-related news, their sources are hearing that the real reason Enrique bailed on the tour was that he couldn't stomach being Britney's opening act - and that it was all ego-related.  Doubtful this show will make its way to Casper (so far, there's not even Denver or Salt Lake dates posted) - but hypothetically, who would you rather see with Britney?  Enrique, Nicki, or someone else?

Check out Nicki's new song with Drake - "Moment 4 Life", as heard on KISS-FM: