Sam Lutfi just got a major crack in his case against Britney Spears.

If you recall back to Spears’ darker days — the head-shaving, umbrella wielding ones circa 2007 — Lutfi was, at the time, her self-proclaimed manager. Once Spears was placed under a conservatorship and cut off contact with Lutfi, he immediately began trying every which way to sue the body-hugging pants off of her and her family. He’s currently filing a defamation suit against Spears and her parents, and Spears’ attorneys have just launched an argument that may wreck his case.

Lutfi claims that he signed a contract making him Spears’ manager. However, if you recall, he also claimed that Spears was under the influence of drugs for the majority of their time together and that he was trying to get her clean. (He even said in court documents that police dogs found methamphetamine in her home.) Which, if it’s true, still won’t help him.

Here’s why: TMZ reports that Spears’ lawyers are basically saying, “If she was so doped up, what makes you think she was competent enough to sign a contract or perform?” It appears Lutfi painted himself into a corner, and now the Spears legal team is also painting him as a drug pusher who tried to isolate BritBrit from her family.

Lutfi’s lawsuit has gained traction ever since he tried to use Spears’ new job as an ‘X Factor’ judge to prove that she’s competent enough to stand trial in his suit. What’s more, Lutfi’s suit may also delay Spears’ wedding to fiancee and manager Jason Trawick, because Lutfi argues that if she’s competent enough to get hitched, she’s competent enough to speak on the stand.

Here’s hoping this mess gets resolved sooner rather than later. Spears has made a remarkable turnaround while Lutfi’s made a jerk out of himself.

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