Bruno Mars is set to host ‘SNL,’ as well as serve as the musical guest, on Saturday, Oct. 20. It’s a tall order, but if anyone can tackle the task with grace and poise, it’s the ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ singer. While promoting his ‘SNL’ gig, he warned: Expect the unexpected!

Mars is game for any situation or scenario that the writers, the cast and producer Lorne Michaels decide to toss his way. “Whatever they throw me in…we’ll see,” he said. Sounds like we’re all in for an entertaining time when Mars takes the reigns.

That’s also the right attitude to take when hosting a long-running sketch comedy. Something tells us Mars won’t fall flat on his face during his episode. He shares that he pretty much spent the week waking up and going straight to rehearsals.

When asked if he is going to be “super funny,” which seems like a foregone conclusion and not exactly a novel concept when hosting a comedy show, Mars joked, “No, I’m not going to be funny. It’s something new they are trying at ‘SNL.’”

That reply in and of itself was funny.

So, we have no idea what to expect, but we have to agree with Bruno, a collabo with Alec Baldwin would be pretty sweet. ’Schweddy Balls II’ anyone?

Mars also shed some light on his new album, saying he approached it simply. “It’s me going in the studio, doing whatever I want,” he said. He did acknowledge being somewhat unorthodox in how he did things, but he let whatever mood he woke up in and whatever he felt like that day dictate his writing and recording.

Be sure and watch Bruno Mars, live, from New York, on Saturday night!