Burger King has recently released the 'Halloween Whopper' just in time for the Halloween season and I decided to try one out here in Casper. The new 'Halloween Whopper' is the new 'spooky' twist on the classic 'Whopper'. It boasts a black A1 Steak Sauce infused bun, A1 sauce, and all the classic 'Whopper' ingredients.

If you haven't watched the video yet, I can sum up my review of the 'Halloween Whopper' in one word. Disappointed. One of the trademarks of the sandwich, and what makes it stand out, was the inclusion of A1 Steak sauce, which there was NONE of on my sandwich. The black bun is supposedly infused with A1 sauce, but I could not taste it. It just tasted like a normal bun. I love Halloween themed specialties pop up on menus, and was excited to try this. I imagine that it would have been better if it had the A1 sauce on it, but that was not my experience, so I cannot say for sure. However, I do not foresee myself running out to get another one and taking the same gamble of whether or not it will be put together correctly. If you do decide to try one, I would double check to make sure it actually has sauce on it.

I am already expecting a handful of comments asking why I did not return the sandwich and ask for a properly composed one. The answer is because I had already returned to work, and "ain't nobody got time for that."

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