It's been a busy week for Jeffree Star. Since the new year has hit, there was already the big Kanye West affair rumor, which he quickly quelled last week (see that video here). To bring the year into a more positive note, Jeffree is giving the fans what they've been begging for though: a brand new make-up review video.

In this new video (shown above), which was shot at Star's home here in Casper, shows the make-up mogul trying some new Gucci products. To test them out, Star wears them in the frigid Wyoming cold and then to shoot his new custom model, pink AR-15 rifle at Wyoming Gun Company.

Jeffree was definitely not a fan of the Gucci foundation or the serum, but he did give the thumbs up to their mascara.

Never one to shy away from a good laugh, he ends the video saying his grandmother recently called him "Mrs. West". I giggled. It was hysterically funny to me.

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