The rumor mill has been going crazy the last few days with talk that two of our recent Wyoming transplants, Kanye West and Jeffree Star, were having an affair. After letting the scuttlebutt stir for a little more than 24 hours, Star has decided to set the record straight.

On his latest video, posted today (January 7th, 2021), to his official YouTube channel, Star completely quelled the rumors, while explaining what is most likely the cause of it.

It was reported Monday evening (January 5th, 2021), that Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian are having marital issues and that divorce was a possibility. The fact that Ye lives in the Cowboy State (in Cody), pretty much full time these days, coupled with the fact that Jeffree is a fairly recent Wyoming addition (Casper), has obviously added fuel to this fire.

Other than outlandish Yeezy rumors, Star also discussed in the video how much he's enjoying his new life in Wyoming. He shows off his awesome car collection, his latest trip to the Wyoming Department of Motor Vehicles here in Casper to pick up his new personalized Wyoming license plates, some footage of a recent photo shoot at Bear Trap Meadow and his cute little dogs playing in the snow for the first time.

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Jeffree Star's Hidden Hills Mansion

Jeffree Star's Mansion in Hidden Hills California

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