Whenever I'm describing something that consists of multiple units, I have a habit of saying "butt load". At this point, it's automatic, I say it without thinking, and I say it all the time. In the radio world, we call this a "crutch" - a word or phrase that you lean on constantly.

While I've used this phrase thousands upon thousands of times, I only just now learned that it is an actual unit of measurement.


According to howtogeek.com:

If you come into possession of a butt of wine–derived from the Italian botte–you’re the proud owner of a half tun (a large cask with the volume of four standard wine barrels) or roughly 475-480 liters of wine. Adjusted into US gallons, the average butt of wine then is 126 gallons–with the cask and all, a butt of wine weighs around 1200 pounds.

So there you go! Next time someone asks you to stop and pick up a butt load of booze for the party, make sure they give you enough money for 126 gallons...and you probably better set up a designated driver, 'cause it's gonna be one heck-of-a-night!