Ever wake up to hear someone else talking in their sleep? Often times it's usually a bunch of gibberish, not really allowing much of a window into their deepest inner thoughts. However, this time? Yeah, it did...

A Willow Creek, Montana woman in her mid 20's named Sara lives with her boyfriend. They were sleeping in their bed, and late in that night the man began to talk in his sleep.

Now according to the girlfriend, the guy was saying some PRETTY NASTY stuff about her. As a result, she decided to wake him up and call him out on it!

Following a drawn-out argument, the girl decided to get her SHOTGUN and began to HIT HIM with it. That's when he ran off and dove into his car to get the heck out of dodge. But not before she decided to smash in the windows with the shotgun...and then blew up his front tire to keep him from going anywhere.

Sara was arrested and charged with felony assault with a weapon.

(Bozeman Daily Chronicle)