You may know that wild horses are beautiful and one of the things we treasure about living in the American West. What you may not be aware of is wild horses apparently have an outrageous sense of humor based on a new video showing a car that cannot move because the horses won't let them.

There is no backstory to this video share. I can't tell the exact location where it happened although it looks suspiciously like a lake in southwestern Wyoming north of Rock Springs. That would make sense since that is one part of our state where seeing these gorgeous animals is not uncommon.

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It's worth noting that there's some salty NSFW language from the guy in this video after one of the horses bites him. Guess that is understandable when you get bitten by a horse. Stuff happens.

I've seen Wyoming wild horses do a lot of things, but this is a new one. No idea if they were hoping the car occupants would share snacks or what.

Travel Wyoming has some helpful tips on where to go in our state for wild horse herds. Just make sure you're willing to share food if you hope to pass their roads without incident. Nobody rides for free in wild horse country.

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