Hard to believe, but there are still plenty of fantastic careers that do not require a college degree. You won't need to shell out extra money for an education for these great jobs!

1.  Dental hygienist.  Clearly not everyone can do it.  You got to get two-years under your belt in clinical training, plus you’ll need a license. But still, $70,000 isn’t bad at all!

2.  Registered nurse.  Just a two-year degree is all you need, but after that…$65,000 a year in your pocket!

3.  Web developer. You gotta teach you way around the back end of websites, which in itself is 4 years of learning, but a $62,000 annual salary awaits if you can do it!

4.  Respiratory therapist.  Wanna help people with asthma or lung diseases? It only requires a two-year degree and national certification and pays $56,000.

5.  Electrician.  You will need a license and the know-how, but with that a $50,000 salary is nothing to scoff at!

6.  Computer service technician. Another gig that requires a ton of knowledge with computers. But plenty of us know how to do it on their own, and can make $49,000.

7.  Paralegal.  Honestly? It’s whom you know in this field. No college skills required. Just get in and it will pay about $47,000.

8.  Appliance repairer.  Pick up this skill, bank almost $44,000 on average.

9.  Carpenter.  It’s all in what you know.  On average, make around $40,000.

10.  Auto body technician.  Do you like to fix cars? You can learn as you work, it pays on average about $38,000 a year.

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