Now that the job market is opening up once again, it's nice to see the Cowboy State represented lovely. A new study claims that Cheyenne is among the top cities for summer jobs

According to a recent study conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, our capital city is rated in the top five on their "2021's Best Places for Summer Jobs". To be exact, Cheyenne ranked 3rd overall, behind Scottsdale, Arizona and Bismarck, North Dakota, respectively .

Source: WalletHub
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Cheyenne's high ranking was due to one key metric: being third overall for the youth job market.

It's worth noting, out the 182 cities that were ranked, Casper also did extremely well, landing at 41st overall.

That's some great bragging rights for the Equality State, especially after how poorly we were rated as one of the worst state for millennials. It's nice to see we're still an awesome place the youth.

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