The general consensus is that Wyoming is awesome (which it is), but according to a recent study, it's among the worst places in the country to live if you're a part of Generation Y (or Gen Y for short).

A new study conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, has the Cowboy State ranked in the bottom half of their "2021's Best & Worst States for Millennials" list. As a matter of fact, overall, Wyoming ranked 37th.

Source: WalletHub
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The reason for our super low ranking is how we ranked individually on certain metrics. For instance:

  • Civic Engagement: 33th
  • Economic Health: 40th
  • Quality of Life: 34th
  • Education & Health: 34th
  • Affordability: 29th

On the positive side, Wyoming was ranked 4th overall for lowest percentage of millennials living with their parents. We'll take every small ray of sunshine we can get here.

We're not in the bottom ten, so that's good, but ranking this poorly still leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Maybe that's why so many young folks leave. The other good thing though is that people almost always come back. Apparently it's not that bad out here after all.

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