Carly Rae Jepsen just shared another new track ahead of her E.MO.TION album's August 21 release. Like "I Really Like You," "Run Away With Me" and "Warm Blood," "Making The Most of The Night" is another airtight pop gem.

This may be the most high-drama track we've heard from Jepsen's sophomore release so far, with pounding drums kicking in as the song swells into its chorus: "I know you've had a rough time / Here I come to hijack you, hijack you, I love you / I'm making the most of the night." Sia wrote "Making the Most of the Night," and it definitely sounds like something that could appear on one of the singer-songwriter's own releases — but Carly definitely meets the vocal challenge Ms. Furler has set before her.

Carly told us how making this album contrasts with her debut in an interview back in May. She said, "This has been very different. I’ve had two years, a lot of left turns and experiments and, to my delight and surprise, some of the weirder decisions I’ve made on collaborations. I’m just going to try and do something completely different with Rostam from Vampire Weekend ["Warm Blood"], and those have been the songs that have made it."

She continued, "We haven’t had to convince or fight with label people. They’re like 'It’s weird, but we like it.' I feel pretty excited to share an album that’s stuffed with some radio songs, but also some very left turns."

While we're always glad to hear new Carly, one wonders why she's being so generous with track releases when her album is mere weeks away? Not that we're complaining — you should definitely listen to "Making the Most of the Night" above.

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