Hot wings. One of America's favorite foods. There are many people who like their wings mild, and others like them as hot as the fires of Hades. Some of our local Casper DJs have no fear in the realm of hot wings. Check out these brave gentlemen as they take on The Blazin' Hot Wing Challenge.

Dj Nyke from 104.7 KISS-FM, Tee Roy from Rock 96.7, Trevor T. Trujillo From K2 Radio, and Jon Michaels from 107.9 The River Stepped up to the plate to take The Blazin' Hot Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings. The challenge is to scarf down 12 of the Blazin' Buffalo wings (the hottest ones) in under 6 minutes. Sounds easy right? Maybe not so much.

Here is each of their point of views.

DJ Nyke

Being a somewhat of a wing connoisseur, I figured I’d take this challenge at least semi easily. My mother has Creole heritage so it takes a lot to actually burn my mouth (and I’ve already had to Blazin’ Wings at BWW before just for fun). But I hadn’t taken in to account the fact that I am not a speed eater. I was unable to finish in the allotted amount of time, a fact I’m sure Tee-Roy will never let me live down. But I did manage to find some solace watching my fellow deejays gobbling up milk like crazy after the contest was over. All that’s left now is to plan my revenge.

Tee Roy

I wasn’t too sure how well I would do as far as the competition goes, considering DJ Nyke was talking smack all week leading up to this. I’d also seen Jon Michaels previously kill a plate of wings in no time flat, and Trevor was the unknown…but he was a BIG unknown. Then, you add in the fact that Buffalo Wild Wings had their entire clientele watching us…well, things weren’t looking too good. Once I smelled the wings, though, all that went down the toilet, and I only concentrated on the wings. Things went well, I won by a couple seconds, and life was good. Today, the Johnny Cash song “Ring Of Fire” comes to mind as I constantly pay the price for eating so many hot wings. “Montezuma’s revenge” has nothing on the “Buffalo Wing Bane” that I’m dealing with right now…

Trevor T. Trujillo

I'm no stranger to food challenges. I've done a few wing challenges here and there and, one time, did a spicy tuna roll that was made with ghost peppers. Sadly, I believe that this put me at more of a disadvantage than anything. My body knew what it was in store for, and was summarily screaming at my mind "why would you do this to us, again?!"

After the wings came out, my mind told my body to calm down. The agreement made between mind and body was that we wouldn't go to break any records, but we'd simply try to finish on time. For that, my brain agreed to check out for most of the competition and not tell my body how spicy the food was.

All-in-all, it ended up not being as bad as I thought it would, and I wish had attempted more of a run for speed.

Jon Michaels

I've never been in a food challenge before. We are a brotherhood here at Townsquare Media, so I pretty much had to step up to the plate (pardon the pun) and almost disfigure my face. When they brought the wings out, just the smell let me know this was no chump session. I don't dig people watching me eat either, so I'm really behind the eight ball. The competition I see everyday. Shawn is ALWAYS grubbin' something so he worried me a bit. T-roy can devour with the best, but Trevor, who won the last challenge and is a good size dude worried me. The audience was screaming "if you keep chewing you're not gonna win." What is a brother to do? Swallow and keep stuffing your face. It got me a second place finish! T-Roy ate 12 wings (hot ass wings) faster than 2 brothers! Regular wings he ain't got a chance! By the way I'm retiring from eating hot stuff. Don't even ask. My mouth still hurts, DAMN-IT!!


Big thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings in Casper for the challenge, the wings, and the fun!

Victorious At Buffalo Wild Wings
Ian Delap, Townsquare Media

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