Ms. Miech told K2 Radio News that Alexander Earl Jennings with All Trees LLC in Casper is arriving at their home to see if they can help. We will update this story with, hopefully, a happy ending once it happens.

Original Story Below:

It's a bad day to be Mr. Whiskers (we're not sure that's actually the cat's name, but for the purposes of this story, it's Mr. Whiskers).

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According to Casper resident Janice Dvarishkis Miech, her granddaughter's cat is typically an indoor cat. But the cat got out of the house yesterday and immediately began scaling a large tree.

"We just thought it would eventually come down," Janice told K2 Radio News. "I went over there earlier and the cat decided to climb a little bit higher and now it looks like it can't turn itself around to come back down. We've tried food, we've tried everything."

Janice stated that they've called all of the various agencies, from Casper Fire-EMS, to the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, and more. But the general consensus is that an arborist company would be the best and safest way to remove the cat from the tree.

Dane Andersen with Casper Fire-EMS arrived at the scene along with his Battalion Chief to asses the situation.

"Ms. Miech agreed that the folks best equipped to handle this would likely be an arborist company, if needed," Andersen told K2 Radio News. "The height is such that we cannot safely place any of our 24' or 36' extension ladders from the ground. The next best option for our involvement would be a 100' ladder truck, but the cat is placed such that we cannot access it using the truck without risking hitting tree branches and causing potential structural damage to both the apparatus and the house in question. So, the safest and likely most effective option is to leave the food out (we assisted Ms. Miech with doing that) and see if old Ranger (presumably the cat's name, but we're still calling him Mr. Whiskers) feels like coming down to get something to eat. If not, then seeing if an arborist can help."

Janice said that she's been in touch with various tree care companies, but as yet to receive a response.

So, if you own a tree company (or, like, a really tall ladder) and can assist this family with getting their cat down, you would forever be in their favor.

If you do have the means to help, you can message the K2 Radio Facebook page and we will put you in contact with the family.

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