The Casper Police Department is chocked full of heroes who put their life on the line everyday, but sometimes, that's not enough. Sometimes, you need a Superhero.

Enter Dorian Layton, AKA "Ninja Dorian".

Dorian (or the "Red Ninja") is a 6 year old Casperite with terminal brain cancer, but that hasn't stopped him from performing his own miracles. On December 24th, Dorian spent his own money to get Christmas presents for the children in the hospital (get the complete story here). Now, Dorian is going to experience one of his dreams - riding in a police car and meeting the police.

But Chief Walsh is going to take it one step further. He's giving Dorian his job...for a day, at least.

On Tuesday, January 21st at 1pm, Chief Walsh will pick Dorian up from his home and bring him to the PD. Around 1:30pm, there will be a ceremony in the Lien Conference room to make Dorian the Chief of Police for the remainder of the day. For good measure, they will make his 9 year old brother Julien Captain for the day. They are also planning to have some officers and detectives bring Chief Layton some problems that he can help them solve.

If you're a criminal, you may want to take the day off on Tuesday. Rumor is, The Red Ninja takes no prisoners...

Editorial: Big kudos to Chief Walsh and the entire Casper police department for making Dorian's dream come true. By nature, they catch a lot of flack just because of their vocation, but they always step up when called on.

to get gifts for children in the hospital on Christmas.Read More: 5-Year-Old ‘Ninja’ Boy With Terminal Illness Brings Christmas Gifts To Children At Casper Hospital | //