The Casper Police Department has been honored for it's work with the victims of crime. Here is the official release...

"In December 2014, Leslie Fritzler was hired as the new Victim Services Coordinator for the Casper

Police Department. Leslie immediately went to task to enhance the Department’s response and

dedication to victims of crime by researching and applying for an International Association of Chiefs of

Police (IACP) sponsored project initiative funded by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), U.S.

Department of Justice (DOJ). I am pleased to announce that Leslie’s hard work and efforts have resulted

in the Casper Police Department’s competitive selection as one of three agencies nationwide to serve as a

demonstration site for the Service, Support & Justice: A Strategy to Enhance Law Enforcement Response

to Victims (ELERV) Initiative.

This is a significant accomplishment for the Department and the Victim Services Unit. At the time of

Leslie’s hiring, I stated that the Casper Police Department was invested in ensuring a caring and

compassionate response to victims of crime. I further identified Leslie as the right person at the right time

to take the reins of our victim services program, move it forward, and provide an additional dimension of

police service to the community. The awarding of this multi-year national grant project to the Casper

Police Department paves the way for the Department to validate a culturally transformative strategy and

to be on the leading edge of progressive 21st century police services."