Milk most definitely does a body good, but the latest Milk Mustache campaign at the Casper Classical Academy/Frontier Middle School has some not-so-clean-cut faces. Shouldn't the "role models" for milk have a little bit cleaner image then say, Amanda Bynes, A-Rod, and Miley Cyrus?

Amanda Bynes/A-Rod/Miley Cyrus, Getty Images
Amanda Bynes/A-Rod/Miley Cyrus, Getty Images

Let's do role call:

Amanda Bynes: Lately she's been in the news for generally going crazy. The psych ward she's being held in keeps her pretty doped up on a variety of medications and her doctors think she's suffering from schizophrenia.

A-Rod: New York Yankee's 3rd baseman, Alex Rodriguez has been accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs and is now facing a 211-game suspension. He's currently appealing it, but it doesn't look good for the 38 year old, three-time MVP.

Miley Cyrus: Although, not quite as bad as the aforementioned, Miley has taken a lot of heat lately for suspected marijuana usage, crazy twerk videos and a new found fasicnation for female strippers. But it's okay... because according to Ms Hannah Montana, that's what 20 years old are supposed to do.

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