Imagine losing both parents in less than 18 months.

It happened to 18 year old college freshman, Corrine Paschal. Corrine has no relatives on either side of her family and is virtually alone.

Although a couple of local families have shared living space with Corrine, she stills need to cover the cost of everyday essentials.

Corrine is a busy young lady. A freshman honor student, at Casper College with the determination and capability to rise above her current situation and make everyone who supports her proud.

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of Corrine's teachers with nothing but glowing things to say about this young lady.

Jan Bloomenrader: "This is truly an investment into one of our best youth in Casper. Corrine will give back to this world and our society."

Corrine also wanted everyone to know she "appreciates everything the community of Casper has/and continues to do for her."

If you are considering to donate here's how you can. The Suzanne Donation Memorial Fund is set up through Wells Fargo, P.O. box 2799, Casper Wy. 82609/4141 East Second Street.


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