The Casper Police Department spend a lot of time making our community safer, but you also have to admire their penchant for comedy.

The Police Department Traffic Unit shared the funniest Speeding Excuse of the Week:

Officer: The reason I'm stopping you is you were going 32 in a 20 MPH School Zone.

Driver: I didn't see the flashing lights or sign because I'm blind..
Officer: How can you drive if you can't see?

Driver: Well, I went to the florist to get flowers for my girlfriend. While I was there I sniffed some of the flowers and had an allergic reaction which caused my blindness. I'm on my way home to get some allergy medicine now.

Moral of the Story:
Flowers: $50.00
Speeding Ticket: $210.00

That's just plain funny... no matter who you are!

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