Volunteers are being sought to help clean the Highland Park Cemetery of tree limbs and branches following last weekend's severe winter storm.

Beth Andress, spokesperson for Keep Casper Beautiful, says that the cemetery has some of the highest concentration of trees within the city, and is also one of the largest city facilities that needs to be taken care of.  "Due to the storm, they've had to close their gates to the public," she says.  "Funerals can still go on, but we have so many downed trees, it's just not safe for the public to be in the area."

Andress goes on to say that they've decided to invite volunteers wishing to help with clean-up, to the cemetery this week.  Keep Casper Beautiful is hosting the cleanup every day this week from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm so that the cemetery may re-open to the public.

Volunteers may show up at any point during those times.  Andress requests that people wear appropriate clothing.  "If people would wear sturdy shoes.  Snow boots and things that are waterproof are best right now," she says.  "It is really muddy and there is a lot of snow, still, in the cemetery."

Anyone with questions is invited to call Andress at 235-7562.