Former ‘Glee‘ star and Filipina sensation Charice graces the cover of the January 2012 issue of Preview, which prides itself as the style bible of the Philippines. The teen is fashion-forward, sporting bright orange lips, blunt bangs, a white geometric outfit. She’s surrounded by headlines like “Over 263 Designers Who Matter” and “Super Size Me,” the latter of which pinpoints how to wear oversized clothing. Layering is all the rage, right? Well, there’s also an outrage over this cover, which has come under fire for being Photoshopped. Ut oh!

Once the cover appeared online, fans and readers immediately called the image into question, asking if it’s really even the singer since she looked so grown up. Viewers also accused the mag of using Photoshop software to drastically alter the image. The latter accusation has proven true, but that’s the extent of it.

PEP reports that the mag issued a statement addressing the controversy, which read: “The use of Photoshop is a common practice in the industry. We don’t deny that we did use Photoshop to enhance Charice’s photo, but nothing too major as to dramatically alter her features.”

To further prove their point, the editors noted that Charice looks the same in all the photos. “You’ll see that Charice looks the same in all the photos. It’s difficult to achieve that consistency with Photoshop,” they noted. Makes sense, no?

Our take on the drama? Charice, 19, does look a bit mature in these shots, and that’s because she was intentionally styled like ’70s disco icon Bianca Jagger. Her blow out looks like a long and lush curtain of hair, and those extreme clip-on bangs may have thrown fans for a loop, since she looks different, mature, and high fashion. Any girl who’s ever had bangs knows the style dramatically changes the shape of one’s face. Nevertheless, Charice could pass for a model, thanks to the styling.

While Charice previously came under fire for reportedly getting Botox for her ‘Glee’ debut, she’s merely going the fashionable, diva route on this cover and she looks beautiful. So what if the image was a bit touched up. That happens on most magazine covers so pipe down, haters!

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