Last December, I introduced you to the future of wearable smartphone technology. Enter the Cicret Bracelet.

The web (YouTube in particular), in less than 3 months had the original Cicret Bracelet concept video go viral. Of course, next came the naysayers and nonbelievers, but of course, it was just a concept... a special effects enhanced presentation of how the developers want the bracelet to work.

Now, just a few short months later, and after receiving hundreds upon thousands of donations, Cicret released it's first working prototype video. There are 4 features of the prototype, which I think were an awesome step to take to get us closer to the concept.

  • Projects With A Low Angle
  • Works On Any Skin Color
  • Controllable With The Fingers
  • Works In Bright Daylight

Not bad for 4 months work. Let's see where they are by Christmas 2015. Can you say stocking stuffer?