It's now even easier to check your lottery tickets. WyoLotto has rolled out there their very own smartphone app.

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The official Wyoming Lottery Facebook page recently posted the following photo along with a detailed caption that read:

We've heard your requests for an easier way to check your tickets and we're proud to share with you our brand new app!

This has all the features you've been dreaming of including the handy dandy ticket scanner to not only tell you if your ticket is a winner, but it can also notify you after the draw if you may be due some cash money! We've also got an up to date list of jackpots and an easy to use retailer locator to ensure your lucky day is just around the corner.

To learn more and download today click here:


The WyoLotto app is very user friendly. It includes a very handy ticket scanning feature to check your lottery tickets for winning numbers, in addition to other cool features like FAQ, what to do if you win and the latest in Wyoming lottery news.

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