Depending on your point of view, it was an expression of the will of the Casper City Council, or an exercise in futility.

Thursday night, in an, at times, acrimonious meeting, the council voted 6 to 2 to ask fellow Councilman Craig Hedquist to resign.

He was accused of using his position on the Council to gain a competitive advantage for his construction company, and abusive treatment of city employees.

The resolution being voted on alleges that Hedquist requested information from city employees designed to gain a leg up on his competitors regarding upcoming city projects.

It is also asserted in the resolution that Hedquist uses his twin positions of Council member and contractor to direct and control the scope of city projects he is either in the midst of, or bidding for.

Council member Keith Goodenough voted no saying he felt it was handled badly from the start, but Mayor Paul Meyer said, it was important.

It also states that he was verbally abusive and insulting to colleagues and staff of the city.

Hedquist was not at the meeting, but several people spoke on his behalf.

The vote is non-binding, and it is widely believed he will refuse to step down.