I was born and raised here in Casper, so it's no surprise that some of my family is pretty well known here in town. However, I am unbelievably happy to see my uncle Bill Custard has been nominated to be America's Favorite Crossing Guard.

Zachary Custard
Zachary Custard

This is something that safekids.org  has done for many years to honor those who make sure our kids get to and from school safely.

Bill has been a crossing guard for years now. But don't let me misguide you in thinking that's the only thing he does. A handyman, lawn maintenance, and a pretty decent mechanic. He has always been a very hard working man with the biggest heart for everyone that he meets. In fact, he knows all the kids' names when they cross with him.

I encourage you to go and put in your vote at Safekids.Org for our #1 crossing guard here in Casper. Rain, snow, sun, and shine he is out there making sure your kids get to class, and back in your arms by the end of a long day.

Thank you, Bill, we appreciate everything you do for our community!

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