With less than one month remaining before the Christmas holiday, it's time for some of Central Wyoming's best tree decorators to show off their creativity, and to help raise money for some special athletes.

Tuesday, December 1st, is the 27th annual Festival Of Trees Event, at the East Casper Wyoming Athletic Club.

Sunday, November 29th, was the Teddy Bear Tea Event, where children could preview and vote on their favorite decorated tree.

The cost of admission was one teddy bear, and all the bears are put on two trees, which tends to be the big money maker at auction time, along with about two dozen other trees, that are also up for bid.

All the money from the auction goes to Special Olympics Wyoming, to help cover the costs of the various Special Olympic Games, held throughout the state each year.

Sammie Andrew is a Special Olympian and says the games are a lot more than just the competition itself.

"It means I always have fun with all of my friends. What we do in our games, we do downhill skiing and horseback riding, swimming. I meet new friends every year and it's always fun to meet new people."