Demi Lovato, with her new, half-shaved pink hairdo, visited 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' last night (March 10), engaging in a round of Pictionary with actors Kristen Bell and Steve Harvey. Of course, plenty of laughs ensued.

Bell actually accused Fallon of knowing the answers in advance when Harvey missed her difficult, but well-done, rendering of 'elephant in the room.' However, Lovato quickly got Fallon's 'hammock' drawing in like maybe five seconds.

Bell totally missed Harvey's 'dental floss,' while Lovato brilliantly illustrated 'butt dialing.' We didn't think she could pull this phrase off in drawn form, but she did. She is a millennial, after all, so it was easy for her.

The final match pitted Fallon and Bell drawing 'sucker punch' at the same time. It was a toughie, but neither partner could guess it.

Lovato and Fallon reigned supreme and were the victors. Anyone who watched it "won," too, since it was a hilarious bit.

Watch Demi Lovato, Kristen Bell + Steve Harvey Play Pictionary