- There is a rumor circulating that Demi Lovato will host the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. FOX has yet to announce anything, but we hope it’s true! [Life Of The Rich And Famous]

- Despite rumors, Chris Brown was not arrested for gun possession at the 2012 BET Awards. However, he did send his condolences via Twitter to Rihanna, as her grandmother passed away over the weekend. [The Boombox]

- Are you a fan of the Philosoraptor meme? Well so is Lady Gaga! She posted a picture of the dinosaur contemplating the connection between rhinos and unicorns. [Facebook]

- If you want to look like Selena Gomez down to your fingers and toes, you’re in luck! She hinted at an upcoming nail polish line with OPI. [Facebook]

- The Killers revealed the cover art for their new single, ‘Runaways,’ which is featured on their upcoming album ‘Battle Born.’ [NME]

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